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Looking For Quality Property Management in Saskatoon, SK?


Are you looking to hire a property manager with quality services in Saskatoon, SK?

If you are, then check out Leenan Property Management!

We’re a trusted firm in the property management industry with a skilled team that has the comprehensive knowledge and resources to help your Saskatoon rentals succeed. We prioritize the goals of our clients and take care of their rental investments on their behalf so they can enjoy stress-free rental property ownership. Our team is well-equipped to manage apartments, single-family homes, and condos!

We’ve helped investment property owners gain peace of mind with the quality property management and exceptional customer service we’ve provided. You can fully entrust us with running your Saskatoon rental home! Our customer service program is outstanding, and Leenan Property Management’s team is responsive and approachable when providing services. We’re quick to resolve any issues that may occur in your Saskatoon revenue property. Making sure your experience is stress free is our top priority!

Our full range of services is helpful for Saskatoon rental owners who wish to reduce their property vacancies through effective property management. We have an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market. We help fulfill your financial goals by maximizing your returns. Leenan Property Management specializes in managing single-family homes, in addition to apartment and condominium management.

Your Saskatoon rental home will be in capable hands. Our reputable team has a great combination of experience, professional skills, and local expertise in providing real estate services. We also constantly evolve and work hard to continually improve and update our real estate industry knowledge based on current real estate and property management trends. You’ll never feel short-changed with our high-quality services!


We’re focused on helping you earn great returns by making it our mission to boost your financial growth. Contact Leenan Property Management today at (306) 994 5475 for a free rental analysis of your Saskatoon properties!

What Separates Us From Other Property Management Companies In Saskatoon, SK?

Rental management can be a stressful endeavor. That’s why Leenan Property Management helps property owners take care of their rental business. We use our comprehensive knowledge of property management to market properties, screen tenants, collect the full rent, perform the property inspections, and coordinate the repairs.

Here are some of the benefits our property management clients enjoy when they hire our services:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

If your Saskatoon rental homes or apartments haven’t been rented out for quite some time, this can be a loss to your income. Your rental investment should be producing profit but, in this case, it will only make you spend more money on maintenance costs and property-related payments such as the annual tax.

If you want to get your apartment or other rental off the market in a cost effective and timely manner, allow Leenan Property Management to help market your Saskatoon unit. We can find the right tenants by using our creative marketing strategies to craft effective property listings and tap into a wider market online and offline. We use comprehensive marketing strategies to land worthwhile renters for your unit which also means improving your cash flow!

2. Tenant Screening

We handle the property showings and respond to interested prospects, and we also have an efficient and detailed screening and application process for tenants. We take great pride in making sure that only qualified tenants who match the criteria will be welcomed into your Saskatoon rental homes. Our verification and application process is incredibly thorough since we wish to protect you and your investment from renters who are neglectful and irresponsible.


Leenan Property Management’s experienced team carefully reviews the finances of the applicants. We’re selective and choose those who have an income of at least 3x the rental rate. We also check their credit ratings, backgrounds, and take the time to talk with their former employers and landlords.

3. Rent Collection

As a Saskatoon property owner, you prioritize collecting rent on time and in full. But as we’re all aware, this can be easier said than done. If you have several renters, then it can be even more stressful to deal with multiple people who pay the rent late or skip their monthly payments.

With Leenan Property Management managing your Saskatoon unit, you can expect the on-time collection of the rent. Our rent collection system has been refined over the years to ensure this. In the rare case where an eviction must occur, we provide professional support and manage all the procedures on your behalf. Our stress-free management approach makes all the difference for our clients.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

For your Saskatoon SK rental home, it’s important to preserve its value through regular and reliable maintenance and property damage prevention. This method helps in attracting new renters and inspires your current renters to renew their leases.


Leenan Property Management keeps your Saskatoon unit habitable and compliant with local and provincial regulations. No property issue is too big for us. We regularly inspect and actively manage the maintenance of your rental property. If repairs are needed or the tenant files for a maintenance request, we’re quick to address it.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

As a Saskatoon rental homeowner, you’ll want to remain updated on the financial performance of your business. Leenan Property Management extends access to your financial reports every month. You can track your financials through the income statements, expense reports, and balances we provide online.

About Leenan Property Management

Based in Regina, the Leenan Property Management team offers full-service property management and takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and trustworthy property management services. We are one of the top property management companies in the property management industry! We specialize in managing real estate such as single-family houses, apartments, and condos. Our top priority is to ensure you reach your financial goals worry-free when we manage your Saskatoon rental home! We have your best interests at heart and will use our expertise as a property management firm to help you succeed.

By hiring us as your property management team, you also benefit from our partnerships with locally owned companies such as Leenan Homes and Leenan Development. This means that any property repairs or improvements you may have can be handled internally, which helps to reduce costs and ensure reliability.

Interested to know more? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach us between 9-5, Monday to Friday, at 306-994-5475. We look forward to partnering with you to maximize the success of your Saskatoon SK real estate investment!

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