Condominium Management Services

Professional Condominium Management in Regina, Saskatchewan


Are you looking for a reputable, professional, and results-driven property manager for your Regina condominium?

If so, Leenan Property Management has you covered! During our 3 years in the property management business, we’ve managed to stand out as one of Regina’s leading property management companies. This is thanks to our top-quality and innovative services that show strong results for our property owners.

Not only do we value profits for our Regina clients, but we also value providing stellar customer service. This applies to both property owners and the residents in our care. Your Regina condominium will benefit from our dedication to giving the best experience to all parties. This is, in part, due to our ideal balance of employees to properties, ensuring your Regina condominium doesn’t get lost in a crowd and receives the most efficient, tailored services.

As a full-service property management company, you can have all your condominium needs met or even surpassed with Leenan Property Management. Want to learn more? You can reach us at 306-994-5475. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our Condominium Management Services

Leenan Property Management offers a comprehensive, professional suite of services to assist Regina condominium boards with strategic planning. We’ve proven our commitment to being a leader in the Regina market by having a reputation for high-quality management and maintenance, a focus on accurate and transparent finance and administration, a corporate emphasis on customer support and meeting/exceeding expectations. As property management companies go, we’re one of the best!

Our top-notice property management company oversees condo corporations in Regina SK and the surrounding communities. Leenan Property Management also identifies cost-efficient, well-informed decisions while providing a wide range of customized services to guide condominium boards with short and long-term planning.

Here are some of the condominium management services we offer:

  • Condo Fee collections
  • Maintenance managed timely through internal maintenance staff
  • Provide electronic payments systems and real-time access to online accounting and financial records
  • Regular financial updates and budget actuals
  • Budget creation
  • Year-end and Quarterly Statements
  • Third-party audit oversight
  • Policy reviews and updates
  • Reserve Fund reports
  • Insurance Review
  • Maintenance of common property
  • Procurement of insurance
  • Communication with residents and condo board


With Leenan Property Management, you can rest easy while we take the stress of managing a Regina condominium off your shoulders. Our extensive condo services have you covered. The following are a few of our services in more detail:

1. Customer Care

Your Regina SK condominium will be assigned a professional Customer Service Representative dedicated to its management. By doing this, we can provide fast responses and customized attention to your individual property’s needs as well as the needs of its residents.

Customer care is a big part of what we do, and whether it's a maintenance problem or a resident complaint or concern, it’s done efficiently and tactfully, and in the best interests of everyone involved. We make sure those under our management feel valued and heard.

2. Condo Fee Collection

Collecting condo fees can be a time-consuming and stressful process. It’s also one of the most important aspects in the managing of a real estate investment. Luckily for you, Leenan Property Management can handle this for you!

We provide electronic payment options to make Regina SK condo fee payments as easy and fast as possible for residents. This way, we greatly reduce the risk of late or missed payments. In the rare case that payment issues occur, we are quick to address the problem and will proceed with the necessary steps respectfully.

3. Resident and Condo Board Communication

At Leenan Property Management, we have a suite of professional tools to ensure communication is at the forefront of managing the condominium. Misunderstandings can easily spiral into headache-inducing scenarios. As such, we prevent issues at their root through our clear communication with both residents and the Condo Board.

Using an online back office, all information pertinent to Board members and/or pertinent to residents is made available. This creates a high level of transparency and communication which is integral to the effective management of the Regina SK condominium.

4. Condo Maintenance

Proper and professional maintenance of the Regina condominium is vital for both the preservation and improvement of the real state investment and the retention of residents. In the worst-case scenario, you could run into legal issues due to habitability requirements.

As customer care is highly valued, maintenance is prioritized by Leenan Property Management. We respond to maintenance requests promptly and with consideration. Your condominium will not face the issue of endless follow-ups for an unaddressed maintenance problem. What’s more, we also practice preventative maintenance. In doing so, we avoid potentially disruptive and costly maintenance issues and damages. Our professional maintenance is backed by stellar results.

5. Financial Reporting

We pride ourselves on our openness with our Regina SK clients. Naturally, this extends to our financial reporting. Our clients have access to an online portal that contains our accounting and financial records for the Regina condominium. In addition, financial reports can be accessed in real-time from anywhere. As property management companies go, we’re one that values honesty the most.


Here at Leenan Property Management, we also provide regular financial updates in order to keep you fully in the loop on how your condominium is faring. When you hire us, you will be fully included in the financial operations of your property.

About Leenan Property Management

Leenan Property Management is a full-service property management company based in Regina, Saskatchewan. We provide our reputable and professional services to the management of single-family homes, apartments and condominiums. Our main goal is to see you rest easy knowing your real estate investment is profitable and looked after with the utmost consideration.

We also have partnerships with Leenan Homes and Leenan Development. As such, property repairs and improvements can be taken care of internally, avoiding delays and financial issues that you may find with outside contractors.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us today! Once again, you can reach us Monday to Friday between 9-5 at 306-994-5475. We look forward to making your condominium management experience an enjoyable and successful one.