Coffee in Regina

Ideas for coffee options when you are renting in Regina

Ideas for coffee options when you are renting in Regina

Rentals in Regina and great Coffee

Regina has great coffee shops that have wonderful coffee or tea that will start your day off positively. They all have their own positive atmosphere to them. We would recommend visiting as many as you can because the coffee owners and staff of the coffee shops are so great to talk to. They will all be great to you with a smile and they all have their own. Here are just a couple of places that we love to go.

Rochdale Roca House - is a great place to visit, for a special exoctic tea and there many different blends of coffee. The best thing about the Roca House is there atmosphere, it’s a place to sit in some comfy chairs and to work in peace by the fireplace. They also have desserts and freshly made danities! Tuesday they have coconut buns freshly made, you best to call and place an order or reserve a bun for yourself because they only so many, and Sunday is Belgian waffles from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is a great place to go to sit and have a special tea with a dessert.

Brewed Awakening - is another great spot to through up your laptop with a great cup of coffee, with multiple locations in the City from Harbour Landing, the Green and Downtown Regina.They as well have exotic teas and lots of blends of coffee. They have lots of breakfast and lunch options. They make fresh breakfast biscuits or cinnamon buns. This is great for when you think your only grabbing a coffee and shoot of a “few” emails and before you know it, its lunch time! Might as well grab a healthy option for lunch with their freshly made sandwiches, pitas, and don’t forget about the cookie.